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(Individuals under 18 must apply in person or by mail)


Consent to Receive Credit Union Electronic Disclosures


As permitted by law, You hereby authorize Us to electronically provide any and all documentation (agreements, disclosures, notices, statements, and the like) related to Our various products and services that You may from time to time request and/or use. The electronic transmission of such documentation may be conducted in a variety of means such as (a) an electronic message ("e-mail") sent to You at the e-mail address specified by You (and/or any other address specified by You); (b) Your active retrieval via the Internet by any Internet access means from a specific Internet location (identified by Us in an e-mail message sent to You by the Credit Union); and/or (c) any other means of electronically providing such documentation. You understand and agree that Your consent will remain in effect until and unless withdrawn by You either in an electronic message sent by You to Us or by written request for withdrawal of Your consent sent by You to the Credit Union. Your withdrawal of consent to receive documentation in this manner will take effect within a reasonable time period following the receipt of Your request. This authorization does not affect Your right to receive such documentation on paper or in a non-electronic form and You may at any time request that any electronically provided documentation be provided in a paper or non-electronic form. You agree to immediately provide Us updated contact information in the event that Your e-mail address (or any other means You have provided Us to contact You) becomes unusable or inaccurate for any reason. A description of the current means used to provide electronic documentation along with current hardware and software requirements to receive such documentation is provided to You separately. You will be provided updated information in the event that We change these methods and/or hardware/software requirements.

To receive electronic records, You understand that the use of a device such as a personal computer ("PC") or personal digital assistant ("PDA") that has a graphical user interface, or "browser", capable of accessing and viewing electronic communications reasonably expected to reside on and transmit within the Internet will be required. Additionally, various software, such as that which can view an electronic file in a portable document file ("pdf") format may be required to view certain electronic communications. Our system is currently designed to operate using world wide web technologies and protocols which are adaptable to a wide variety of end user systems. More specifically, Our system uses SSL encryption and requires a browser with an appropriate Root CA Security Certificate and uses 256 bit encryption, depending upon the specific browser being used to access the system. Some browsers may require an update to their security certificate to properly connect to the system.

NOTICE: Many electronic communications sent and received over the Internet can be and are often intercepted by unauthorized recipients, beyond the control of the Credit Union. By authorizing the delivery of documentation electronically, You understand and agree that, to the extent permitted by law, the Credit Union cannot and will not be liable for any damages incident to the unauthorized receipt of electronic communications sent by or received from You where such unauthorized receipt is beyond the control of the Credit Union.